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Official venue for the Thai national youth cricket games June 2012
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News of a new sports facility, namely the cricket ground in Thalang has generated much excitement among those who enjoy knocking one out of the park every now and again.

The generosity of one man in donating a patch of land big enough for two football pitches is extraordinary to say the least. To then have another soul willing to donate one million baht to the same venture is fantastic, and both gestures are truly worthy of comment.

However, one would think that any comments made would be of a supportive or congratulatory nature. It seems very odd that individuals would use public forums to criticize, whine and voice bit- terness towards such a positive activity.

One such negative character suggested that the money would be better used in helping abandoned or stricken animals, namely dogs, on the island. As much as people recognize that stray dogs are an issue on Phuket, there is the slightly more important aspect of our children’s welfare to consider.

Providing an area with children’s future in mind, where sports can be played with quali- fied supervision, offering hygienic and well maintained facilities, while developing social skills and a sense of loyalty combined with discipline is a tad higher on the list than sterilizing a few dogs.
'Old School Ground'

Recently, one of these canine care foundations began an appeal to raise 10 million baht to buy a piece of land to continue their work. This land presumably becomes their property on purchase. Remember, the new cricket ground will be on donated land and is now the responsibility of all those involved with Phuket cricket. The only requirement is that the facility be named and cared for in honor of the man who provided the plot.

On that note, another lemon-addicted commenter felt informed enough to suggest that naming the ground after the donator was “terrible self-aggrandizement”. It is human nature and desire to see our names and deeds carry through generations. We name children after parents and grandparents and we name trophies and stadiums in honor of those who have influenced sport. For this same reason the ground takes the name of someone worthy of this noble gesture.

In essence, this cricket ground is built on selflessness and a hope that future generations will benefit from what a few have gained from sport. Teach our children codes of care and discipline through sport and maybe we won’t have to chase our tails when it comes to being responsible towards animals. - Samuel Shields

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